FAN VOICEファンからの声

I’ve gotten to know TBM over the years as an architect, collaborating on designing their office spaces.

When we were first introduced to TBM they were focused on making paper alternatives from stones, which seems impossible at first, but when you learn about how paper is made TBM’s paper alternatives actually makes a lot of sense.

Recently, when visiting TBM’s new headquarters in Hibiya, we were shown one of their new products: a CirculeX umbrella made from recycled plastic. It was an incredible object, so well designed and felt really good to hold in your hand.
And to know that it was made from recycled plastic in a sustainable way, made it that much more incredible, and ultimately desirable.

TBM took an ordinary, common thing and elevated it to an object of beauty. As a designer, this umbrella made a big impression on me, and allowed me to appreciate what TBM is really about.