FAN VOICEファンからの声

To solve global environmental problems, we need technological innovation, and TBM is a pioneer in this field and is taking on challenges that will inspire Japanese companies.

I am proud that a company like TBM was born in my home country, and is taking on great challenges in the world and enhancing Japan's presence in the world.
I always wonder what I can do as one of the Japanese who are taking on challenges in a foreign country like Thailand, and I would like to strongly support company like TBM to expand their business in Thailand.

I am working with TBM's overseas strategy team as LIMEX's business partner in the Thai market. I am very happy and always excited to work with them because they are not only globally talented but also passionate about what they do.

Through this partnership between TBM and Covermat, we aim to contribute to the BCG (Bio-Circular-Green) industry which the Thai government and companies are promoting in terms of SDGs.