FAN VOICEファンからの声

Our world has been progressing at an unprecedented pace, with daily consumption of goods and services drastically increasing as our global population grows.

The advancements we see in our technologies today have become exponential as innovations emerge left and right. However, while all these things were created to make our lives easier and more convenient, most of which comes with a price – sometimes even creating irreparable damage to our ecosystem.

TBM Co., Ltd (LIMEX™) is a fast growing venture company and holds an enormous potential in changing the way we define the word "sustainable" by moving it to a higher standard. By creating innovative products using one of the most abundant materials (limestone) in the world, TBM is able to address global climate problems by reducing carbon emissions and creating a truly sustainable and circular economy.

We are proud partners of TBM and we encourage every person in the world to support their vision whole-heartedly.