FAN VOICEファンからの声

From the description alone, I did not have high hopes for our visit to TBM. I was so wrong! When you hear about a company which makes plastic composite materials using limestone, you don't expect to then be met with a climate conscious, innovation driven, and creative company. TBM turned out to be just this.

As a business student with an interest in the interconnectedness of our current world, it was very interesting and relevant for me to hear about how a company like TBM fits into the global value chain for plastic and paper products. It seems to me that by focusing on the integration of their technologies into existing infrastructure, TBM also has an eye on the sustainable future of goods manufacturing. The employees were very informative and open to all my questions.

I'd also like to thank the team for getting us involved in a workshop of ideas. It was great to share our perspectives on how we might be able to use TBM's LIMEX product and Circulex process in our home countries. Glad we had the opportunity to be part of the conversation about the future of plastics!