FAN VOICEファンからの声

We, MIRAI participants coming from different backgrounds and different European countries, TBM impressed us a lot during the visit to Japan!

We have received a warm welcome with an interactive presentation, as well as the chance to touch and feel the products made of LIMEX and share our ideas as well as doubts. This open-mindedness is the root of new ideas and breakthroughs! It is nice to see that there are alternatives to the current technologies that are already available on a large scale and are being used by enterprises. I hope that receiving a greater scale will only add more motivation to achieve the main goal of the company — that is to get environmentally friendly and to reduce emissions to zero.

※We visited TBM Co. Ltd. as a part of the MIRAI 2022/2023 Visiting Japan Program (Theme: Science, Technology and Innovation), Japan’s Friendship Ties Program launched and promoted by the Japanese government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).



※日本政府(外務省)が実施する「MIRAI 2022/2023訪日プログラム(テーマ:科学技術・イノベーション)」の一環として、株式会社TBMを訪問。