FAN VOICEファンからの声

There was no doubt that plastic was the best invention in the history of mankind. But that was only until a huge pile of plastic waste began to boomerang down to our feet.

As we still consume hundreds of millions of tons of plastic year after year, plastic waste keeps piling around us putting our ecosystem at risk. Plastic waste is posing a lethal and immediate threat to the survival of us all.

To our collective relief, many businesses and experts are joining forces to address challenges posed by plastic waste. Being one of those businesses, TBM has developed LIMEX, a limestone-based eco-friendly plastic material, as an innovative solution to drastically reduce conventional plastic usage to an acceptable level.

A global ESG material solution company representing South Korea, SKC is more than honored and pleased to accompany TBM on a journey toward zero plastic residue beyond mere reduction of plastic waste.

To move forward in our endeavor to cater to the benefit of mankind and make our home planet ever-more sustainable with technology, SKC vows to remain committed working with TBM.